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Advantages of buying land in California

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Welcome to the Golden State! Whether you’ve been wanting to buy land in California for ages, or if you’re just dipping your toes into seeing what the West Coast offers, we’ve got 165+ available properties in California. Not only that, we’ve also got all the knowledge of buying land for sale in California. So buckle up and get ready for a tour of owning land in California from the top to the bottom on Pacific Coast Highway.


Low property taxes

One of the first things you’ll hear from the haters is how expensive everything is in California. While there certainly are some pricier aspects to living in the state, property taxes aren’t one of them. Not only can you find affordable properties across the state, but California also boasts low property taxes.


We have California properties starting at under two thousand dollars. In fact, we have over 2 acres of California desert that can be yours for under $3,500 and then you’ll be responsible for the property taxes. A whopping two payments of five dollars per year. We’re serious.


California has an effective property tax rate below the national average. The national effective property tax rate is 0.99%, but California’s effective property tax rate is 0.71% according to Even in pricier locations like Los Angeles county, the effective tax rate is 0.82%.


Property taxes are calculated based on the location of the property’s tax rate and the most recent sale amount, with an annual increase of no more than 2%. So if you’re thinking that if you not only buy a property at a good price and buy it in an area with low property tax rates, like California, that’d you be saving a good bit on property taxes, you’d be correct! That’ll leave you with some extra change to make your fries at In-N-Out animal style.


Both rural and urban options

Considering it’s the third-biggest state boasting over 165,000 square miles, you’ll get a lot of variety when you buy land in California. It’s known as one of the most biodiverse states as well. You’re looking for land in the desert? Along the coast? Up in the mountains? Then you can find it in California. 


Whether you want remote, off-grid land or a residential property for sale in one of the biggest cities in the nation, you can find it in a California property for sale. This means that whatever you want to use your new land for, we’ve probably got it. Want land for a manufactured home? Looking for recreational land to ride ATVs? We’ve got it. Want land for starting an apiary? California has the right property for you.


Sought after locations

There’s a reason it’s called California Dreamin’. That’s because California is a sought-after location. According to the most recent Census, 475,000 people moved to the state in 2022


This can be accredited partially back to biodiversity. Why choose between the beach or mountains when you can have both? Why not live in a land amongst the redwoods, Palm trees, and everything in between? California is a cultural hub of the country as well. How could it not be when it’s known for sunshine, laid-back vibes, and some of the best cuisine from sea to shining sea.


However, most importantly for us, California provides economic opportunities from much of corporate America being housed in its cities and there being ample farmland to support the country’s agricultural industries. It has the highest state GDP, a whole $1.4 trillion dollars ahead of runner-up Texas. There’s enough value in that fact alone to see why you might want to own your own piece of the Golden State.


Ready to start looking for your next investment in California? You can see our full inventory of California land for sale here. Please note that all available properties will have a status of Active and a green button saying “BUY NOW.”


Got questions? Need to talk to someone about buying land? You can reach us at 310 526 4038 or



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