How to Add Value to Your Land

If you’re reading this, you’re clearly aware of the value that owning land has. It also goes without saying that not all lands are created equal in value. Fixed factors like location, size, developmental regulations, and available utilities, among a variety of other variables impact a property’s value. However, this doesn’t mean at all that you can’t improve a property’s value on your own. So, if you’re looking to up the value of your property, you’re in luck! We’ve got a few tips for you.

Clear It

People love a blank space to make their own, and land is perfect for that- you make things how you want it from the ground up! However, when there’s debris, brush, trees, etc. all over a plot of land, it can not only create more work for developers, but also can muddle that blank space for potential buyers. So, by clearing out your lot, it will create value.

However, please do keep in mind that many people value trees and plant life when buying land. So, we would recommend clearing a large enough portion to develop, and then taming the rest. It is also important to check with the city or the county governing authority to see if there are any permits needed for modifying trees, etc.

Grade It

If you have the skills and resources and want to increase the value of your land in a BIG way, try grading and leveling out lots. Steep lots are often an opportunity for a good deal. Not only that, they tend to boast some pretty good views when they’re up above the surrounding area.

Plant It

A well landscaped lot is something everyone wants, but few want to do themselves, and that’s where the opportunity is! By planting and cultivating on a plot of land, you not only raise the overall look of your property to entice more buyers, but there’s a dollar value in this as well. 

If you’ve been in a grocery store anytime in the last two years, you know how expensive food has become. You’ll save by growing your own food, and can even profit by selling to local markets.

Entitle It – Get Permits

No, this isn’t boats, we aren’t telling you to name your land (unless you’re really into that, don’t let us discourage you.) What we mean is getting permits for your land through the city/county. Yes, that does mean not only paperwork, but jumping through the hoops of bureaucracy. 

That doesn’t sound like fun to you? We don’t blame you, but the good news is that other land buyers don’t want to do that either, and will pay more for you to muddle through the paperwork for them. By having all the paperwork ready for a property such as surveys, perc tests, and building permits, you can raise the value of a property exponentially. It can increase by as much as 75% depending on the location.

Subdivide It

Do you have a large property? A property with multiple lots? Then you may be able to subdivide your property and sell it as multiple properties! Check with your corresponding city or county planning department to see if your property qualifies for subdividing. In some locations dividing 2 lots can be as easy as application. In fact, as of last year, the state of California (where a majority of our properties just happen to be) passed the SB9 California H.O.M.E. act that makes it easier for individual landowners to subdivide properties.

Add utilities to it

If you’re looking to buy land and eventually sell it to builders or contractors, adding utilities to the property will increase your bottom line in a BIG way. How much work this will cost you (in both dollars and effort) will depend on how accessible public utilities are to your property. 

Got city power, water, and sewage available at the street? Well that’s as easy as contacting local utilities companies and getting connected. It’s when you have to go off grid with utilities (solar power, well/water storage or septic) that more work is created, but that means extra value for buyers as well. People love living in remote areas, but they also love having running water. There’s your opportunity!

Hold onto It

Sometimes the best course of action is none at all! Unless your preferred land location is next to a volcano, more land can’t be made. There’s value in that alone! So if you aren’t in a big rush, just hold onto your property and see where it goes. 

Are you looking for your next property to improve? What a coincidence! We have lots for sale at a variety of prices, locations, slopes, utilities, you name it! To view all of our available properties you can visit our website, or you can chat with the experts at 310-526-4038. We look forward to hearing from you!